Reiki and Self Awareness

The benefit of Reiki can be subtle and ongoing, leading to a gentle transformation on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. Having a peaceful sense of calm allows the quiet needed for an enhanced self-awareness of conscious choices otherwise drowned out by the day to day noise of life.

Before I found Reiki I lived a life of always striving to achieve more, my eye on the next goal before I even absorbed what I had already achieved. Always focusing on day to day business, but neglecting to explore any creative pursuits – which at the time I felt were not a priority. This was to be a never-ending quest to be better and a mindset disguising a never-ending unfulfilled path of moving goal posts. Sometimes the universe takes decisions for you; life events making you stop and reassess your sense of purpose.

Sometimes we are so busy trying to survive that the last thing we think about is dedicating time to looking at what is inside us, the beauty of all things and people around us. Enjoying each day and each moment - Freeing our spirit and listening to our soul. 

Realising, sometimes you have to stop the merry go round of a busy life, listen to your inner voice and that true happiness comes from focusing on the inside not what you achieve on the outside.

Reiki, is a spiritual practice, more than just a hands on treatment providing a sense of calm, but is also a way of life with guided principles. Reiki is a reflective practice where we focus on living our lives according to its principles of 

Just for today

  • do not worry
  • do not anger
  • Honour your parents teachers and teachers
  • Earn your living honestly
  • show your gratitude to every living thing

Having a sense of calm and stillness can make space for a journey of unfolding awareness of what was drowned out by the noise and busyness of day-to-day life. Reiki works to soothe and to balance the energies, assisting your own self-healing on an emotional, spiritual and mental level. The mind-body connection is well documented. When the mind relaxes the body will follow. 

The peaceful calm I have experienced from Reiki has helped me to

  • listen to my inner voice
  • be aware of what makes me feel good
  • to feel more in tune with myself and my environment
  • to have a sincere gratitude for everything around me
  • and to understand the simplicity in what I really need

Finding a balance between work, life and exploring my soul’s purpose.